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Harmonic Defiance - Language Of Light
Label: Bump Foot
Catalog#: bump201
Genre, Style: Techno, Minimal-Techno
Release Date: 2015.06.21

Transient is one of very important musician to netlabel scene. He has appeared in many labels (Monotonik, Miasmah, Camomille, Kikapu, Laverna, Observatory Online, Ogredung, One, Phonocake, Soft Phase, etc.) with many releases, along with his own label Noisy Vagabond. Harmonic Defiance is another moniker of Transient for techno / dance oriented stuff. Here comes the first release under this name.


1. The Endless Corner (5:53)
2. Everything Is Love (6:18)
3. Airtight (6:20)
4. Sunface (4:52)

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techno, minimal-techno / 1132 / topboy1981 / Теги: Harmonic Defiance, Bump Foot / Рейтинг: 2 / 6

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