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The Dub Vaders - Herbs & Trips
Label: Modismo
Catalog#: M018
Genre, Style: Dub Techno
Release Date: 05 November 2015
Country: Chile

The Dub Vaders could be one of the best kept secrets of the Chilean electronic scene, offering a spectrum of precious tracks linking current and future urban beats, a deep legacy of Dub and some inclination to the dark side of things, that adds a flirty dose of evil to their music.
Herbs & Trips is a brief but resounding trip, where the first two tracks immerse us into an intoxicating cloud that serves as an instruction manual, preparing us for the closure of this magnificent EP, where they allow us to enjoy one of the best electronic tracks released in this part of the world during the current season.


01. Take this spliff 5:26
02. Take this pill 3:26
03. Mindfruit 5:18

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