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Small Colin – Changing Methods
Label: Rec72
Catalog#: rec72_069
Genre, Style: Electro, Futurepop
Release Date: August 2015
Country: Scotland

No taboos, no denials, no knockbacks. Everything was allowed. Even mistakes. Things were thrown around, things were tidied. All manner of objects were used till they gave up. Strings were changed only when they got so dirty they sounded like old pineapple tins. Cables were put into holes they should never even be close too, never mind, in. You get the idea. This time around things were done differently.

(Small Colin, August 2015)


1. Chi Chi Chips
2. Not Proven
3. Machine Waves
4. Alpha Number II
5. Ducks In March
6. Organix In Operation
7. Istanbul Saturday
8. Greydar
9. Vocal Stats
10. You & I Will Be

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