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The Womb - Escapism
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel
Catalog#: [sec.065]
Country: UK
Genre, Style: Indie Rock
Release Date: 08 Aug 2011
Written and performed by: Alan Driscoll
with Duncan Bailey (6) and Junalyn Corre (10)
Cover photo: Lauren Pikó


Escapsim is our fourth release by The Womb, a band formed in 1998 by the English musician Alan Driscoll, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
The Womb´s music is a personally engraved mixture of different styles - electronic and analogue in the same breath and with the British pop melodies as the big musical signature.


1. Clockwork
2. Continental Drift
3. I Got Lost
4. My Mind Doesn't Do What It's Supposed To
5. Fear And Loathing In Bristol
6. Strobelites
7. No Friends Left In This Town
8. Love Song #24
9. We Swam Through The Sky
10. Terrifica Wins
11. The Narrator

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