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Rephazer - Sketches in between the Noise
Label: Kahvi Collective
Catalog#: #399
Genre, Style: IDM
Release Date: Feb 18, 2018

Rephazer appeared on Kahvi with a similar styled release previously last year, created on a single instrument but with all the hallmarks of what makes nostalgic idm so great. And he's back, with what could be a sequel with some new tracks making up a seven track EP.

Shortwave will be familiar to some, after appearing on our Boards of Canada inspired VA last year, but check out Between for one of the most catchy subtle analogue sounds I've heard for quite some time.


1. Static 03:30
2. Reception 04:55
3. Between 02:56
4. Noise 02:58
5. Shortwave 04:54
6. Triangular 04:25
7. Afterlife 06:25

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