Csum and Tobetozero - New Folder

Label: Cota 303
Catalog#: COTA001
Genre, Style: IDM, Experimental
Release Date: 2013-04-26
Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

While listening to New Folder, you will find yourself musing upon the ever-changing beauty of our world which is manifested through the art of sound illustration. Soft beats, futuristic samples from the good old times and quirky glitches have been combined to create a wonderfully dynamic journey of melodies.


01. The Small Ones
02. Login
03. Reborn
04. New Holland
05. Amorpheus
06. Many Hours
07. Marathon
08. Login (Felinae mix)
09. Amorpheus (2b20 rebuild)
10. Low on Ideas
11. 10
12. 5.7

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experimental, idm / 1633 / COTA303 / Теги: Tobetozero, Csum, Cota 303 / Рейтинг: 3 / 4

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