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Safe Creations - A Minor Eruption
Label: Zeromoon
Catalog#: zero170
Genre, Style: Experimental, Noise
Release Date: Jul, 2016

Dave Vosh and Ken Moore have been working together as Safe Creations for about 4 years now. Their very first recordings came just before the first concert in 2012, and they have continued to collaborate in this way. Dave initiates the sound pallet and Ken attempts to color it using various techniques he has experimented with on his collection of tam tams and various metal objects. It is music for the intellect, with sonic explorations in deep thought that ignores preconceived notions of rhythm and melody. A quiet environment, or headset, is the best way to enjoy their commentary on the mind as it relates to the universe.


1. Eruption Magnitude 05:08
2. Eruption Kismet 03:46
3. Eruption Inversion 04:15
4. Eruption Lyric 06:57
5. Eruption Havoc 06:20
6. Eruption Journey 03:31
7. Eruption Binary 07:24
8. Eruption Acutus 10:57

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experimental, noise / 1075 / mfmm / Теги: Safe Creations, Zeromoon / Рейтинг: 1 / 2

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