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Deftechnixks - Dfxx EP
Label: Underpolen
Catalog#: UPL 071
Genre, Style: Experimental Rock, Noise
Release Date: October 13, 2016
Country: Poland

Info: Deftechnixks explores the core of noisy rock music, by stripping it of all non-essentials. All that is left is unschooled screaming, a drumset consisting of boxes and tins, and an electric guitar with strings crossed. This results in a heap of joyful, noisy rock-bashing in the amateur, passionate spirit characteristic for all underpolen releases.


1. Here I Go Again 01:30
2. Blame Transit 03:17
3. Lips Of An Abyss 02:55
4. Once In A Pink Moon 02:19
5. Heard You Were Back On The Market, And How Great Is That? 02:04
6. We Consent To Disgust 03:06

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