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VA - Toucan Music Presents 2017
Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou2017
Genre, Style: House, Techno
Release Date: 29.12.2017

Toucan Music presents 2017Toucan Music present the annual end of year mix compilation for 2017, featuring a blend of house, techno and trance music with tracks from Blastculture, Frau Holle, EE7A, Aerologic, Notch and more. The mix showcases some of our favourite Toucan tracks of the year, all available to download free of charge and reuse under a Creative Commons licence.


1. Propaganda Machine by Frau Holle 2017
2. Kill The Drummers (original mix) by Blastculture 2017
3. Waiting Area by Blastculture 2017
4. Kill The Drummers (JD Breakbeat mix) by Blastculture 2017
5. Blue Leaves (EE7A remix) by JAde Wii 2017
6. Chasing Rainbows (Marc Burt and Notch remix) by Frau Holle 2017
7. Turn The Corner (Notch remix) by Redmann 2017
8. Tears In My Heart (Notch remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2017
9. Descent (original mix) by Notch 2017
10. Waiting Area (Notch remix) by Blastculture 2017
11. Drones (Aerologic remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2017
12. Plastic Explosive (Notch remix) by Redmann 2017
13. Unprovoked Attack (Aerologic remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2017
14. Upside Down feat. Snowflake (Aerologic remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2017
15. Lies (Aerologic Remix) by Marc Burt 2017
16. Twenty Ten (Aerologic Twenty Seventeen Remix) by Marc Burt 2017
17. 110 by EE7A 2017

house, techno / 733 / mfmm / Теги: Toucan Music / Рейтинг: 2 / 2

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