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staRpauSe - Lucy Lefty
Label: Gridwalk Media
Catalog#: NA
Genre, Style: IDM, House, Techno
Release Date: July 14, 2016

Релиз в рамках Netlabel Day 2016.

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Lucy Lefty is an album of melodic electronic tracks recorded by staRpauSe on the Teenage Engineering OP1 synthesizer during early product beta testing. The tracks span from hyper and chaotic to minimal and funky, with a sprinkling of vocal samples that bring out k9d's signature sound. The energy ebbs and flows with unexpected transitions and careful attention sound design reminiscent of 2000's IDM.


1. Naptural Flang 07:12
2. Lucy Lefty 02:56
3. Heil Funk 02:04
4. Swine Hoe Runs 01:16
5. Sundome 06:14
6. Lembrace 04:01
7. Isrealk9d 08:04

youtube, house, techno, idm / 701 / mfmm / Теги: staRpauSe, Gridwalk Media / Рейтинг: 5 / 1

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