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Notch - Believe In Love
Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou317
Genre, Style: House
Release Date: 13 December 2015

Notch bursts onto the scene with this EP featuring two tracks combining deep house grooves with electro house synthwork and glitch. With a deep, rumbling bassline and warm, reverberating female vocal samples, Believe In Love gradually builds the energy, adding pounding stab patterns, bouncy arpeggio riffs and uplifting pads. On a slightly more experimental tip, Broken Record debuted on our Netlabel Day EP earlier this year and brings together tribal house grooves with dark bass wobbles, old skool rave pads and turntable effects.


1. Believe In Love - original mix House [ 7:28 ]
2. Broken Record - original mix Glitch House [ 5:42 ]

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house / 1171 / mfmm / Теги: Toucan Music, Notch / Рейтинг: 2 / 3

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