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Floating Mind - Flash of Light
Label: Bleepsequence
Catalog#: blpsq048
Genre, Style: Techno, Dub Techno, Minimal-Techno, Deep House, Experimental
Release Date: November 25, 2015

The influential and inspirational Monokrak master, Floating Mind, joins us for his first appearance on Bleepsequence. Six stripped down and straight up hot webfunk jams with the perfect touch of deep and atmospheric experimentalism. Sounds to submerge your soul.


1. Abyss Adeba 08:48
2. Cent Elements 06:55
3. Dub and Dumber 08:02
4. Dub Fuel 05:50
5. Flash Dub 07:54
6. Mystere Et Bulles 06:35

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deep house, dub techno, experimental, techno, minimal-techno / 791 / mfmm / Теги: Bleepsequence, Floating Mind / Рейтинг: 1 / 2

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