Fallhead - The Other Side EP

Label: Diametral Network
Catalog#: DRNET003
Genre, Style: Tech House, Deep House, Electro, Minimal-Techno
Release Date: 2012
Attribution No Derivatives (cc by-nd)


"The third free release on Diametral Network this time comes from our well known artist Fallhead. The Other Side is a very special release with sounds you maybe never expected to hear from Fallhead. Starting with "Sound of the Hood” a fast driven tech-house track combined with jazz and funk elements for a really big groove. "Thinks” instead coming from that deep-house and dubfields, epic, timeless with a great vocoded voice. With "Spoils System” its time for the oldschool 808 electro, apathic and monumental. Last but not least we got "Vernom83″ for you, a minimal tech track with a lot of confused and hypnotic sounds for that special moments.”


02. Fallhead - SPOILSSYSTEM
03. Fallhead - THINKS
04. Fallhead - VERNOM83

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deep house, tech house, minimal-techno, electro / 2157 / mfmm / Теги: Diametral Network, Fallhead / Рейтинг: 1 / 3

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