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aspect. & Schulz_Audio - ROR Split Series 2
Label: Run On Recordings
Catalog#: SS2
Genre, Style: Dub Techno, Deep House
Release Date: September 02, 2016
Country: US
Mastered: Owen Ni

Info: “Portland, Oregon musician Sage Taylor has been experimenting with sound and electronics as a hobby for over a decade, and has tapped into a wide range of styles in the electronic music spectrum throughout the years. His present-day output is likely to touch on quiet ambient music, soft, melodic IDM or dubbed-out ambient techno, but the goal remains the same as always: to create new compositions for people to zone out to. He has had numerous releases and appearances on label’s like Shimmering Moods, Cold Fiction Music, Dubwax, and more.

Schulz Audio, a new face to the scene, has already had several impressive releases on Hello Strange & Teol.

Their collaboration to create this EP tells a story through the sound waves of Dub Techno, at times almost sounding like a Deepchord record.”


1. aspect. - Bell Tone (Original Mix) 04:54
2. aspect. - Bell Tone (Schulz_Audio Deepshape) 06:08
3. Schulz_Audio - Snow Blind (Original Mix) 07:16
4. Schulz_Audio - Snow Blind (aspect. Mix) 06:17

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