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djUSA.GI - Life Behind The D​-​Pad
Label: Shelf___Label
Catalog#: Shelf___012
Genre, Style: Drum & Bass, Hardcore, HardStyle
Release Date: July 01, 2016

djUSA.GI arrives to the Shelf___ fam with his debut release. A love letter to videogames and the online music scene in general, djUSA.GI brings a high-voltage energy to his hardcore remixes covering everything from Undertale to Vocaloid Pop to Pump it Up: Infinity, wrapping up with the bouncy Happy Hardcore anthem Life Behind The D-Pad.
Supporting the release are two remixes from hardcore extraordinaire Mitomoro, who has appeared on releases on Attack the Music and DYNASTY RECORDS, and chip-house maestro HEYSUEZO, known for his work with Galaxy Trail and GoodWarGames.


1. Power On 02:12
2. Warship In The Sky 04:51
3. Gimme Some Bubble 03:58
4. DJ Bouche feat. EZGi - Further (djUSA.GI Remix) 05:27
5. kz - Yellow (djUSA.GI's Bumpin' Donks Mix) 04:44
6. Mercy Heals A Broken Heart 05:56
7. Life Behind The D-Pad 04:20
8. Life Behind The D-Pad (Mitomoro Remix) 04:28
9. Life Behind The D-Pad (HEYSUEZO Remix) 03:24

youtube, hardstyle, dnb/jungle, hardcore / 1791 / mfmm / Теги: djUSA.GI, Shelf___Label / Рейтинг: 4 / 3

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