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The Agrarians - (American) Pastorals: Highlights from the MT6 Records
Label: MT6 Records
Catalog#: NA
Genre, Style: Blues, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock
Release Date: 2015


Треки были записаны в 2006-2007 годах в г. Балтимор, что в штате штате Мэриленд и в разное время выходили на следующих релизах лейбла MT6 Records:

Then Cherish Pity, Lest You Drive an Angel from Your Door

The Glamour of the Boys

All Patrol the Alchemist

A Body Through the Day

Meet We the Medicine


01. Bureau of Wasted Fact Among Us (02:36)
02. The Shadow Plays (02:43)
03. The Formidable Conversationalist (02:10)
04. There It Is: A Hill (02:23)
05. Exodus Blues (02:55)
06. Provoking an Atlas to Foreign Lands (02:22)
07. An Open Letter (03:03)
08. Circumvent and Invitation (02:37)
09. Waltzing in African Percussion Beat (03:46)
10. The Clean Burn of Morning (02:19)
11. They Bring Forest Deities Their Modern Laws (03:10)
12. Two People Shorten a Road (01:51)
13. Steal Your Face (01:08)

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