VA - No Refunds For Christmas
Label: Nulogic Netlabel
Catalog#: Nu-Logic060
Genre, Style: Ambient, IDM
Release Date: December 2011

Source's preview:

It´s Christmas time and Nulogic Netlabel have a delicious gift for all of you. A compilation with artists from our crew and new additions. We moved away from the clichés and we propose an introspective journey through 8 tracks where Ambient, IDM and Experimentation live together in perfect harmony. Merry Christmas and don´t forget it...No refunds for Christmas!


01. Sport & Music Making you
02. Erissoma Industrial decline
03. DDO Quise estar
04. Invector Tu un Es
05. Clase Sencilla Nana de mediodia
06. Cut Mix Esthetic Never go back acoustic
07. Leshrac Creeder
08. Deaf Nition Control
09. Logical Disorder Obibion


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ambient, idm / 2473 / mfmm / Теги: Nulogic Netlabel / Рейтинг: 2 / 6

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