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Star Pillow vs Tacet Tacet Tacet - Concurrence
Label: Laverna
Catalog#: Lav69
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: September 1, 2016
Cover: Daniela Carducci

Info: This album is the result of a free improvisation recorded on the afternoon of April 8, 2016. Three musicians meet for the first time in a study of Jesi , on the occasion of The Star Pillow tour , in concert the same evening in the Marche town .

Improvisation is radical . Analyzing and scanning facilities and without air atmosphere trying a rhythmic code that is constantly being deconstructed . Fuzzy minimalisms sew a plot for an explosion imminent, that never happens and that feeds the sense of waiting in an invisible box that comes from the ether to the bowels .

Paolo Monti ( The Star Pillow ) : guitar and electronics .
Francesco Zedde ( Tacet Tacet Tacet ) : no input set.
Angelo Rondine ( The Swan ) : acoustic drums .


1. The Star Pillow vs Tacet Tacet Tacet - Concurrence [06:16]
2. The Star Pillow vs Tacet Tacet Tacet - Encounter [06:06]
3. The Star Pillow vs Tacet Tacet Tacet - Recognition [04:28]

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