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Lichtung - Escape Now!
Label: Phonocake
Catalog#: phokes100
Genre, Style: Ambient, IDM, Experimental
Release Date: June 2017

Info: Breathe. Invisible micro worlds. In darkness.

Escape Now!'s music went more and more microscopic in the years after 2003. Starting from the IDM electronica point he eventually arrived in the ambient domain. Lichtung is a fifty minutes laid back microscope universe, visualizing this path.

Please do not wonder, the release will be published as catalogue number 100, that was not set until now. A festive compilation was thought to go with this number but this was not realized so far, so let's party and compile later, maybe with the 150 or 200 : )


1. Lichtung (21:22)
2. Jerusalem (9:12)
3. Windom Earle (3:00)
4. Deep Woods (4:52)
5. Mt Wolfen (5:20)
6. Trost (6:48)
7. ... (0:50)

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experimental, ambient, idm / 423 / mfmm / Теги: Phonocake, Lichtung / Рейтинг: 4 / 2

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