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José Guillén - Órbitas
Label: Plus Timbre
Catalog#: PT017
Genre, Style: Experimental, Ambient
Release Date: 26 September 2015

The relationship between two rotating bodies stuck in their orbits is the starting point for this work. Rather than concentrate on mathematical and physical aspects, I have tried to create a poetics which serves as an inspiration to me when improvising.
This poetics has to do with the subtle and complex relationship between invisible forces that produce simple movements. This work is performed by first recording a track and then recording the second, improvising on the first. This process bears some similarity to the orbits in which an object exerts greater influence on the child.
The titles of the pieces make a clear reference to different positions of the orbits, the influence of which creates the musical discourse.
The result, in my opinion, reflects a lull in continuous movement. These wonderful movements I have tried to deepen through music.


1. Periastro
2. Apoastro
3. Perigeo
4. Apogeo
5. Perihelio
6. Afelio

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