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Jaja - Stellaris
Label: Cyan Music
Catalog#: CYAN 059
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: 28 Feb 2016
Country: Germany

Music of the stars. Splendid, eternal and amorphous.

These three longform compositions were each recorded entirely live. "Stellaris" means "of the stars", and this is what the music on this album is about. Jaja played this music in December 2015, in deepest meditation on her Roland JD-800 synthesizer. Additional effects from the TC Electronic M-One XL processor, recorded with the Allen&Heath GL-2200 audio mixing console.

The album is tuned to 429,0 Hz, the frequency of the sideric moon.


1. Stellaris I 1:02:00
2. Stellaris II 41:50
3. Stellaris III 22:20

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