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Flavio Severino - Mancanze
Label: Hortus Conclusus Records
Catalog#: HCR2015
Genre, Style: Modern Classical, Ambient, New Age
Release Date: December 2015
Country: Italy

Melancholic, dreamy, elegant, diverse and distinct, the arctic vitality of Flavio Severino’s album “Mancanze” tells a solemn and in-places oneiric tale that stands well on its own, riddled with delicate nuance and a hyperborean conviction. With an ethereal tranquility that appears to pulsate in time with the landscape it claims to represent, natural, classical and contemporary inspiration becomes apparent, with juxtaposing genres complimenting each other magnificently. The cyclical nature of the album creates a seasonality that shifts the mood in a subtle yet effective manner. The album steals away one to a place of negation, both meditative and frighteningly invigorating; You are enveloped simultaneously by every note, every resonance, and the precision with which this artist achieves the distinguished yet familiar sounds is absolutely to be admired. With its excellent booklet of presentation and its highly commendable focus and cinematic tone, “Mancanze” is a unique and wonderful piece of art that the composer Flavio Severino is deserving of praise for.


01. Specchio 4:30
02. Scelte 6:33
03. Profumi 5:44
04. Vento 4:27
05. Mediterraneo 3:23
06. Istanze 3:12
07. Sequenze 3:34
08. Coma 2:58
09. Silenzi 6:36

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modern classical, ambient, new age / 1459 / mfmm / Теги: Hortus Conclusus Records, Flavio Severino / Рейтинг: 3 / 6

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