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Erinome - In Hiding
Label: basic_sounds
Catalog#: bsc_061
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: September 1, 2015

Omaha, Nebraska based multi-instrumental sound artist and composer, Erinome (aka Aaron Hansen) delivers In Hiding, a breathtaking sixty-two minute long-format soundscape.

A work in process since 2013, In Hiding is a beautifully constructed tranquil drone/ambient piece with deeply moving strings, distant spatial static combined with hints into other alien dimensions. Erinome elegantly blends shimmering floating ambience with subtle emerging vocal snippets of communication from beyond. The delicate nuances drift tenderly drawing the listener in to Aaron’s immersive, haunting world. Overall, a deep compositional journey of gently wavering ambient tones and structures with skillfully hyperreal characteristics entangled within.


1. Erinome - In Hiding

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