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Cousin Silas & The Glove Of Bones - Mabinogi
Label: We Are All Ghosts
Catalog#: waag_rel096
Genre, Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient
Release Date: 07 Feb 2017
Country: UK

Info: Taking it's title from the Medieval text, The Mabinogion (a loose translation of this being Juvenile Distractions), this work takes on non-narrative considerations about passing time, the joy of travel & landscape.

Based round film and field recordings made on location in Pembroke, South Wales, this adds three new "branches" to the original stories. Each bears a Welsh language name and are broadly linked to Earth, Water & Air.


1. Taith Hir - 20:45
2. Tonnau Araf - 30:16
3. Breuddwydion mewn carreg y Pentre Ifan - 20:39

ambient, dark ambient / 691 / mfmm / Теги: Cousin Silas, The Glove Of Bones, We Are All Ghosts / Рейтинг: 3 / 2

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