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Automatics – Distant EP
Label: Yarn Audio
Catalog#: YARN016
Genre, Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient
Release Date: 03 September 2015

Automatics about the release:

The tracks are my first ambient tracks I’ve made, I had this idea of making a whole bunch of ambient tunes that I could listen to while I was sleeping.
In Distant there’s a couple samples from NASA’s Voyager mission, space was in my mind when I was producing, but more or less the feeling I had in my head when I made them was to encompass what space might sound like if you were tagging along with Voyager’s mission. The main achievement on this EP was to create synth textures within the free form
and open landscape of ambient music, and not being confined to the drum patterns of electronic music genres. You can really take the music in any direction you choose, which is really interesting to me.


1. Distant
2. Manipulate The World
3. Closing My Eyes

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