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4T Thieves - Waves of Change EP
Label: Zenapolæ
Catalog#: zen142
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: August, 2016
Mastered: Mnemonic Studios

Info: A few ambient experiments that 4T Thieves created over the past few months during a time of upheaval. New Times is the latest and was created using a new setup in a new country. A slightly more beat driven track, it's more light hearted than the rest. Waves of Change and Tranquil are pure ambient with an epic touch, and Drifting in the Clouds is the most emotional of the four.


1. New Times
2. Waves of Change
3. Tranquil
4. Drifting in the Clouds

ambient / 465 / topboy1981 / Теги: 4T Thieves, Zenapolæ / Рейтинг: 5 / 1

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