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Oilboy’s Aftersun – Disco Im Keller
Label: On-Mix Media
Catalog#: [onmp177]
Genre, Style: Disco House, Club House, Tribal House, Tech House
Release Date: 23 Aug 2011


“Disco im Keller” is release No.8 from Oilboy’s aftersun on ON-Mix music.

The music is a mixture of fine disco-clubhouse with latin beats,percussion and techhouse influences.
Move your feet to the rhythm of that lovely beat.

Oilboy’s Aftersun is formed somewhere in 2004 by O.Boy, J.Surrealsm.
Their goal: making people happy with their music
The music: disco-club-samba-tribal-techhouse

Produced by Mr.DeVo!


1. House music is the answer
2. Lust
3. Beat control
4. Discobeat
5. Don’t interfere
6. Great delight
7. Get on it
8. You are so… (raw mix)
9. Self esteem (demo)
10. The Red Notes – Automate (Oilboy’s Aftersun remix)

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Классный хауз релиз! biggrin
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