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The Blessed Cassettes - Errors and Omissions
Label: Reverse Engine
Catalog#: pn108
Genre, Style: Lo-Fi, Post-Rock, Punk Roc, Synth-Pop
Release Date: July 14, 2016
Producer: Dave Merson Hess

Релиз в рамках Netlabel Day 2016.

Info: Wild lo-fi, garage, post-punk and synth pop radar blips from The Blessed Cassettes (formerly known as The Litter) of Houston, TX. This is a Netlabel Day 2016 exclusive release!


1. I, Alone In My Study
2. I Feel Like An Alien
3. Miss You Miss Mew
4. Is It Wrong To Throw Away Art? (with SSTL)
5. Kiss Kiss, Scratch Scratch
6. Midnight’s Foggy Fuse
7. Coin-Operated
8. World Of (with Tania Ion)
9. Tether

punk rock, post-rock, lo-fi, synth-pop / 972 / mfmm / Теги: The Blessed Cassettes, Reverse Engine / Рейтинг: 5 / 3

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