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Trillion Catz - The Big Numbers
Label: Soisloscerdos
Catalog#: SLC22
Genre, Style: Darkwave, Downtempo
Release Date: October 5, 2016
Country: Germany / Russia
Cover: Denis Smyslov

Info: Project Trillion catz this equipment from German and Russian. The group consists of one person - Michael Nordhagen- has a Russian-German origin. Trillion catz based in Moscow and eventually moved to Berlin and other European countries. In concert, the band performs the songs with live guitars and drums. Album “the Big numbers” recorded in 2016 in St. Petersburg in Russia. At the moment the band is working on a live program and the development of the European space.


1. Dark Matter
2. Emptiness feat. Sasha Vinogradova
3. Fibonacci Flower
4. Fioletovaya tape
5. Radio svoboda

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